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Welcome to All the Ingredients

      My name is Jennie and I recently closed my catering business after my husband and I downsized and moved to Portland, Maine.  I wondered how do I continue to share my passion for cooking if I am no longer catering events? I have been wrestling this question the past year.

     My idea was born after receiving a call from a good friend who needed ideas of what to serve for a couples shower.  What could she make ahead so that she wasn't missing out on all the fun?  How many different items should she serve? How much food would she need to buy for 25 couples?  After hanging up I realized that entertaining which is second nature to me, after years of catering, is very stressful for many people. Planning was one of my favorite parts of being a caterer.  So here I am ready to help you in any way I can.  My services are free but if you are so inclined to make a donation it will go to Full Plates Full Potential who are working to end Child Hunger In Maine.

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